Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Missing HAL.DLL, Invalid Boot.ini

Windows XP:

I have come across "Cannot find \Windows\System32\hal.dll", or "Invalid Boot.Ini" several times and it's actually a really easy fix. I found these steps on an information week article.

Boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console
Run "Attrib -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini"
Delete the C:\Boot.ini file
Run "Bootcfg /Rebuild"
Run "Fixboot"


Side note:
If you are using Vista you can boot to the CD and choose "repair your system" and then "startup repair". Thats it, vista should auto repair your boot up problem.


bofan said...

thanks,i'm having this trouble right now..

Lars said...

What do you do if you try the above bootcfg /rebuild, and it enables you to boot windows once, but as soon as you boot windows, boot.ini disappears again? That's my situation. I suspect a virus or trojan but I don't know.

Travis said...

Could be a virus... Try all the standard anti virus and anti spyware apps. for one. If you can't find anything I think I would do a repair install of windows.

Lawrence said...

Here's a trick that worked for me! 1-Remove the hard drive and install as a slave drive in another computer. I chenaged the settings to make system files visible (under tools-file options-view. I found that boot.ini file was missing from the root directory. I found a boot.ini.backup file in windows/pss directory and copied it to the root C: directory, and renamed it boot.ini. I then put the drive back in the original computer (with master driver setting), and turned it on. The computer booted and works fine.