Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Muliple Computers One Keybard and Mouse (Virtual KVM)

While writing my last post I came across maxivista's virtual KVM software. It allows you to have two different computers side by side but use the keyboard and mouse from one computer for both... It's kind of like dual monitors but each monitor having it's own computer. Just move your mouse into the other screen and you control that computer. They also sync the clipboards so you can cut and past from one to the other.

Like usual there is also a free open source alternative that will do the same thing. Synergy is a virtual KVM open source project. It adds Linux and Unix to the mix so you could be controlling a windows box along side a Linux box. It also syncs the clipboards so you can cut and past from one computer to the next.

Another non open source but FREE option is Input Director, it is a lot like Synergy but is for Windows only

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