Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HTTP Tunneling

If you are forced through a web proxy at work or school you know that many of your applications that connect to the internet may not work. The reason is because there is something that is blocking all non HTTP or port 80 traffic. So how do you get around this? Well you could "Tunnel" all of your non port 80 traffic through port 80, thus HTTP Tunneling. The quick and dirty is that you have a program on your computer that redirects all non port 80 traffic through port 80 out to a box that you have setup in the outside world (like at home). The box in the outside world then redirects that traffic back to it's original port and sends it on, thus allowing you to use things like Remote Desktop, Telnet, and P2P through a web proxy connection. There are a couple of programs I ran into that will help you with this.

HTTPORT is a free program that will allow HTTP Tunneling along with HTTHost (The other end of the tunnel)

Also HTTP2IPJ is a personal gateway that will also allow you to do HTTP Tunneling but is free only for personal use.

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