Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Copy it... Period!

If you have ever dealt with a corrupted hard drive you have come across this problem. You are trying to move files from the old/corrupted hard drive and as you are copying you hit a bad file. The copy job stops leaving you at a loss for what has copied and what hasn't. I have spend many an hour digging through file lists making sure I copied everything I was able to. Well I had that very same problem today and I decided that someone out there must have solved this problem. Sure enough.

Y-Copy is a great free program that will continue to copy files even if one has failed. It keeps a log of files that have failed so you can let the user know what just didn't make it off the drive.

Note: I first found another application that was supposed to do the same thing. It was actually part of the PC Repair System USB Key (That I wrote about before). Encopy is a good app, but I didn't like the interface or the usability as much as I did Y-Copy. There are many more features in Encopy so if you find Y-Copy lacking in options check it out.

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Eli said...

I've been using KillCopy. It works good, but the interface looks kinda dumb. And it seems to take longer than it should to copy files. I'll have to give Y-Copy a try.