Thursday, March 1, 2007

PDF software on the cheap!

I just found this great site that lists free software for creating editing and manipulating PDF files... It can be pretty hard to find free pdf software because of all of the sites out there trying to sell there little utilities and this site is a great guide to some really great software if your into PDFs.

Update: I noticed that this website does not list CutePDF which is a great free PDF creator that is free for both personal and commercial.

Update: I came across a free PDF to Word converter today.

Update: Here is another free PDF tool that also adds rotation and several other great tools.

Update: I found an online PDF to WORD, and EXCEL converter. I havn't used it so proceed at your own risk. It also has a full online pdf editing suite that might be useful. It looks like their doing an upsell which is fine with me :) Use our online version to get you in the door to buy our desktop version.

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