Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rebuilding a Suse based Kernel

Update: I was trying to change the file system from riserfs to ext3 and shrink the partition size... The change in file system was because riserfs is not supported with things like ghost and the partition size because I didn't need a 60 gig VM when only 7gig was being used...
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Ok so I have done a lot to get to this point but I had to stop what I was doing to add some notes so I would'nt forget this stuff... (I will come back a little later and update the blog to show what I have been working on) So I'm at the point were I think I need to rebuild the kernel I'm using to support ext3. Again I will explain why I'm here later...

So I booted into a rescue system with the Suse Install CD (I really screwed up the system) and The first thing to do is mount the hard drive so I can fix it....

mkdir /temp
mount /sda2 (The drive and partition I'm mounting) /temp (Where I'm mounting to)
chroot /temp /bin/bash (Change root to the drive I just mounted)

Now that I have the root mounted, I whet to /usr/src/linux where the source files where located. Then I started working on the kernel rebuild...

make config (I added direct ext3 support, and everything else default)
make modules
make modules_install

And I get a stupid error from modules_install:
ln: target '.note.GNU-stack,,@progbits-default/source; is not a directory
make: *** [_modinst_] Error 1

and if I do something stupid like create source as a directory myself the same error comes up except it says "" is a directory... So I can't win!

Update: So all in all the kernel already supports EXT3 and that is not my problem... No I never got it to rebuild correctly but I got some help and that wasn't my problem... Unfortunately changing file systems (Why I was trying to get EXT3 to work) is not easy or recommended in Linux... I'm sure there are some great Linux Gurus out there that can point to a great how-to but for me I couldn't find anything so I moved on to something else... (If you know a good way to change file systems and or partition sizes please add the link in a comment)

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