Friday, February 15, 2008

Remote Desktop Hack for Windows Vista

Microsoft Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate:

I just found a hack that will enable Multiple sessions on Remote Desktop for Windows Vista! Just like the Windows XP hack it will allow more then one person to be logged into the computer at once (Through Remote Desktop). That in itself is great but here is the REAL kicker (If you own Windows Vista Home Premium anyway), this hack will also enable Remote Desktop for Windows Home Premium (Which is sorely lacking thank you!)

Thanks to everyone that made this Hack Possible (None of whom are me!)

Side Note:
If you are using the Windows Home Premium link (By the way it should work for all of the versions) when running the batch files the syntax is:
batchfile.bat [Multi] [Blank]

Add Multi if you want the Multiple session hack and use Blank if you want to also enable the use of Blank passwords (I don't recommend this unless you know what your doing).