Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ghetto-fi your VMware backups (VMware backups for free)

If you are using VMware on the cheap (free), then you are probably missing some great functionality.  For one, backups!  Sure you can backup your data inside the VM (and you should!), but how about bare metal full VM backups?  If you like the idea but hate the cost check out ghettoVCB.  It's a great script that has some limited community support.  Basically it runs several shell commands to snapshot your VM which unlocks your main VMDK file.  Then makes an FTP connection out, and copies the entire VM (minus the snapshot of course) to a destination of your choosing.  Then if you have any need for the backup you can simply import the VM and your back up and running.  Lots of great uses for this and it's FREE!