Monday, March 3, 2008

It's about TIME

To view the current Date/Time type "Date". If you time is wrong and you want it to set automatically use NTP. NTP is the time protocol that computers use to synchronize their clocks with others on the network/internet.

The main package is ntpdate, and the server that ntpdate looks at for syncing is "/etc/default/ntpdate".

After making changes to "/etc/default/ntpdate" don't forget to restart the service by typing "/etc/init.d/ntpdate restart".

If you want to change the current time right away using a time server type "ntpdate [time server]", make sure to turn off ntpdate service first "/etc/init.d/ntpdate stop".

If your timezone is wrong use tzconfig to change the timezone.


More Advanced info on NTP:

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