Friday, April 18, 2008

Dial-a-fix easy push button fixes for Windows

I stumbled upon a really great utility called Dial-a-fix the other day. I was having problems with windows update not running and I started to do a little searching. There are several things that Microsoft suggests to fix problems with windows update, but Dial-a-fix does all of them with a click of a button! It also fixes problems with SSL, and HTTPS. There are also some real gems buried underneath in the tools section of the program. In the tools section you will find an options to reinstall Internet Explorer, and several other great tools! That feature has already saved me once... Here is the official description of the program:

Dial-a-fix is an advanced utility for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows written by DjLizard in Borland Delphi 7 that repairs various Windows problems, such as:

* Windows Update errors and problems with Automatic Updates
* SSL, HTTPS, and Cryptography service (signing/verification) issues
* COM/ActiveX object errors and missing registry entries
* and more.

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