Monday, August 30, 2010

Driver Backup

If you have ever had to reload a Windows system and dreaded looking for CD's or figuring out what drivers to use, then this is the program for you!

DriverBackup! backs up all of your drivers and gives you a nice .bat file to run to install everything when you reinstall is complete. Haven't tried it yet but next chance I get I will definitely be using this. Oh and it's FREE.

Came across another tool that looks promising.


legend_018 said...

ClamWin virus program states
Trojan.VB.AR-1 found in the drvbk_21_rev5.rar file. Which is the file that gets downloaded at the sourceforge site where the download is for the backup drivers.

This puzzled me. Isn't sourceforge pretty reliable? I tried it two times.

Travis Epperson said...

Don't know... Possibly a false positive. Symantec didn't pick up anything.