Monday, March 21, 2016

Install issues with XenServer 6.5 on a HP DL380 G5 or Cisco MCS7800

After having to install XenServer 6.5 on a Cisco MCS7800, which is just a re-branded HP DL380 G5, I wanted to list post install steps that must be taken.

1.  For some reason a local storage area is never created during install.  So step one is to create it.
xe sr-create content-type=user type=ext device-config:device=/dev/cciss/c0d0p3 shared=false name-label="Local storage"
2.  Make it default by right clicking on Local storage and choosing default using XenServer manager GUI.

3.  And finally, because the local storage was never created an import template was never generated
cd /opt/xensource/packages/files/transfer-vm./

That should fix the issues of not having local storage, not having default storage, and not having an import template.  If I come across other tweaks that are needed with this system i'll add them to the list.

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